Welcome to the Chef Nanny Bubby webpage and blog!!! The first thing I want you to know is that I am NOT a Chef. I have had no formal training at all. Over the years I have received my inspiration from great home cooks that I know and love. And, I have been inspired into action by the beloved Ina Garten the “Barefoot Contessa”, and Giada.

I was adamant about home cooking every night for my children and husband. i thought it was extremely important that we had a home cooked meal every night for dinner and sat down together as a family. No fast food for us, even on game nights.

It was grueling to prepare meals every night but Saturday, and I can tell you, that my children cried every night because they hated my cooking. I hated it too, but never had a cookbook or thought of buying a cookbook to help myself. I thought I needed to create on my own without help. And I failed miserably. OY!

And, then, The Food Network changed my life. Seeing all of these great chef’s cook beautifully and easily with great instruction inspired me beyond belief and in late 2014, I began cooking like a fiend to the delight of my family and my friends. Even I was amazed of the quality and creativity of my cooking!!!

With the birth of our grand daughter, who calls me, “Nanny Bubby” and my constant inspired cooking as she entered the world, my dear friends surprised me with an apron embroidered with the words, “Chef Nanny Bubby” and that is how the journey began.