I am not a Chef… I am just a “home cook” whose life opened up with creativity the day I became a grandmother.  I never saw it happening!  Only in hindsight, do I realize now, that the moment my first grandchild was born, “Doll Face”,  something opened up in me. It was a level of creativity that I never knew I had, born out of my love of family, connection and making memories together. 
I have been on a journey, a time of renaissance, trusting my instinct, intuition and creativity.  Just 5 years ago, I would have told you that I had no creativity, and my instinct and intuition for life was something I could not feel within myself, or even rely on.  I frequently looked outside myself for answers and guidance to questions and next moves, that suddenly I was finding within.
I feel like the insecure teenager or young adult, who suddenly woke up and felt a confidence and wisdom of the ages that I had been looking for my whole life.  This came after the love and excitement of new life came into our family after more than 30 years,  and that love was then expressed in cooking.
My hope is that people who are looking to connect with this information that I blog or post about, will find this information helpful.  My intention is to help busy parents easily put love into cooking, organizing, planning and preparing healthy meals for their families.  Cooking and meal preparation is a team sport, a family time of bonding and love. 
Memories are made in the kitchen.  Food prep at home is a handmade object in a world where everything is manufactured.  Just 50 years ago we were creators and now we have moved to being total consumers.  Cooking is a way of creating again…..being a creator in your own kitchen.  Cooking is collaborative, intuitive, educational and instinctual.
Family is about relationships and LOVE!  Love is about giving, getting and most importantly the feeling of LOVE!  Cooking together sets traditions, is educational and expands the experience of feeling LOVE!   
I invite you to join me in this journey.  Don’t wait till you are a grandmother or grandfather….Start now!!!! Love is in the kitchen waiting for you!!!!