Thank you for visiting my blog. You may be wondering, “Who is chef nanny bubby?” Well, the very first thing I want to tell you is that I am not a CHEF!!!! I have never had any formal training whatsoever. The only formal “training” I have received is at Sur La Table cooking classes (if you call that formal) and I have observed a few demonstrations at William Sonoma. . I am truly just a home cook. But the words, “Home Cook Nanny Bubby” is just not as poetic!

So how did the name “Chef Nanny Bubby” come about? One of my dear friends came to my home for dinner one evening and brought me an apron as a hostess gift. On the apron, she had the name “Chef Nanny Bubby” embroidered for me. My granddaughter already called me Nanny Bubby, so adding the name Chef above it was just her loving expression of my passion for cooking when she gave me the apron. Needless to say, the name stuck, and everyone that comes to my home for meals calls me Chef Nanny Bubby.

This sudden passion for cooking and entertaining only began for me in the last year. During my granddaughters first year of life I took care of her every day. Her afternoon feeding happened to coincide with the airing of The Barefoot Contessa and Giada on the Food Network. I would feed her during those times and I became an avid fan. I cook recipes that I have inherited over the years from those I love, as well as modified recipes from watching Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa), Giada, or from the FoodNetwork.com

The Food Network has a fabulous App. I would see recipes that inspired me, search them in the app, and then save them to “recipe box.” All of a sudden I started waking up in the middle of the night, not able to sleep, needing to make those recipes! Imagine starting a Leg of Lamb at 2am, or a Cranberry apple cake at 4:00 in the morning! Since I live in Las Vegas, and we have 24 hour markets, running to a grocery store for ingredients, regardless of the hour, was never a hold back. I now have almost 500 recipes in my recipe box in the App and I can categorize them into folders for holidays, special occasions and dinner parties. I use these recipes , in conjunction with the newest taste-tester in my home (my granddaughter), as inspiration for the meals I cook.

As a grandmother, I see myself and my generation, very differently from how I saw my grandmother’s generation. Most of our grandparents were immigrants or were the first generation born in America. They were post-depression young adults, and were old by the time they were 40 and dressed and acted like it! When it came to cooking, they were grateful there was food on the table and it did not matter what it was or much less how it was prepared. It was hot and it was abundant and that was good enough for them. Even the way they dressed was old and they didn’t have many extracurricular activities. Playing cards or Bingo was the extent of it.

Today, those of us that are grandparents are living very actively. We still go to rock concerts and dance until after midnight. We travel, we run, and we do Yoga and Pilates. We are involved in philanthropic causes, and we attend gala celebrations and cocktail parties all year round. We love life, and it is loving us back! We dress for success whether it is casual clothes by day for our many healthy activities or a designer cocktail dress for our many gala appearances.

While grandmothers today may be redefined, one thing I still have in common with my grandmother’s generation is my value system. Like my grandmother and the grandmothers before her, I LOVE my family. They are THE most important thing to me, above all else. And they rely on me to host celebrations for our family and provide a home cooked meal when they themselves have had busy, hectic days at their professions. We may look and act different than the generations before us, but today’s grandmother loves deeply and is there for her children and grandchildren in just the same way as grandmothers dating back many generations.

This blog is meant to serve as an inspiration for mothers and grandmothers alike and I hope you are inspired by Chef Nanny Bubby. I will bring you hints and ideas that will help you be the matriarch you have always dreamed of being for your family the way I have for mine. L’ Chaim and enjoy!