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Our daughters were born into a world that was ready for them. Their generation of women had opportunities that even my generation did not have. My generation knew that every opportunity for a woman had just in recent years been trail blazed and we proceeded forward cautiously as there was always a glass ceiling to crumble. My daughter’s generation, never saw a glass ceiling, but only opportunities ahead. From the time she was born I filled her head with ideas of achievement that her made her eyes twinkle when hearing, and she never once heard that being a girl was a deficit. For most of our daughters this is a similar tale. Their education has enabled them to be doctors, lawyers, Vice Presidents and Presidents and CEO’s of large companies. They are part of management and responsible for many employees and their productivity, and they, too………are mother’s. Now what!!! It becomes increasingly more difficult on today’s young, successful mother whether she is single or not. A successful career meshed with Motherhood is stressful. This is where the Chef Nanny Bubby help comes in handy. No one can go it alone. The importance of the extended family becomes far more important to today’s young, successful mother than it was before. These educated, successful women are enabled to move ahead in their careers because they know late in the day, night or early morning their other family members or their mothers who are now their kids grandmothers have stepped in to help. Our daughter is currently running for Judge in Las Vegas. Not only is she working a full time job, but is simultaneously running a campaign all while working at being the best wife and mother of a 17 month old that she can. I know that the few days when I have picked up my beautiful granddaughter from Pre-school and Harmony has come to pick her up, a huge smile of gratitude comes across her face when I also hand her a home cooked meal to take home and just pop in the oven. And, I am sure my son-in-law is happy about it too! For me it is a small piece of my love and heart being handed to her. It says, “I love you, I understand how tired you are, how hard you are working, and I hope I have lightened the load just a little bit for you, so that when you get home, you have less stress and more time to enjoy your family!” It is always met with a smile and a twinkle in her eye that basically says it all. A moment of love shared through the passing of a plate of food between one mother to another! Nothing says love more than just taking the time to prepare something fabulous and send it out the door. I love being Chef Nanny Bubby! You can be too! It’s the gift of love and thoughtfulness shared through food.