My Jimmy Choo’s and Mustard

Currently in America🇺🇸, there are 40 million baby boomer grandmother’s. And we are not necessarily the kind of grandmother’s that you envision from years past.  We are active, grandmothers by day 🌞and still very social and contributing to our community by night.🌒  Hot mammas 💃🏻……when we get the chance! 😂

Here is an example of how one of my night’s went recently!

A few week’s ago we attended a gala in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. For those that don’t know, that building is the largest building in the country of over 17 million square feet. When you are dressed to the 9’s, in 5 inch heels, feeling great about your best dress 👗 , I can tell you walking from valet to the convention center to where the gala is being held in those heels 👠 , makes you feel like you have walked all 17 million square feet inch by inch. It is painful 😖 ! And then the worst part is…….at the end of a long night on your feet, talking and smiling 💁at everyone you see, you have to walk back to valet!!!!!

I endured the pain, because looking good, and pretty, and contemporary and fashion forward is, between you and me, part of my character. Sounds vein, I know, but I have not yet given up the idea that sometimes discomfort is just the price of beauty 💄. So, I still endure! But not with out a suttle reminder that I am not 35 anymore.

On the way home, I took my shoes 👠off the minute I got into the car 🚗, un zipped about 3 inches of my dress 👗so I could breathe and then came home to wash my face and brush my teeth before jumping into my luxurious bed.  I thought the night had come to a close and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief  and drift off to a deep sleep.   But then,  in the middle of the night,  about 3:14 am to be exact,  I woke up screaming in pain from the most intense pain in my shins.  Absolutely no position in bed or moving or changing my legs and feet into different contorted positions could help! I got up to walk it off trying not to disturb grandpa snoring next to me and couldn’t get the spasms to stop.

Then I remembered an old wive’s remedy my neighbor once told me at 4:30am one morning when we were out running 🏃. Take a Tablespoon of old fashioned yellow mustard and swallow it down.

So I hobbled, barely being able to walk into the kitchen, whimpering and nearly crying 😰 in pain and took a huge tablespoon of yellow mustard. And what I felt was amazing 😉! My legs immediately started tingling and the pain was instantly stopped! It was shocking. And, I was amazed at how fast it worked. The minute it hit my tongue the spasms IMMEDIATELY began to stop.

Thank goodness for Google. The next morning my research lead me to the discovery that it is actually the Turmeric in the mustard that stops the leg spasm. In fact, it is used by line coaches on football🏈🏈 teams as an immediate cure for a player’s legs 🤸🏽‍♂️when he is sidelined with cramps and spasms.

Lesson learned. Now after 5″ heels during a 6 hour night, or long hours in the kitchen entertaining family and friends I start my day with 2 Turmeric pills and end the day with 2 Turmeric pills. I Keep Yellow mustard beside my bed on those crazy nights where I have been on my feet entertaining or going to a party 🍸🥂or gala dressed up in stilettos.

And, if I have spent 3 days in the kitchen preparing for an awesomeness party, I make a nightly drink of Calm, (with Stevia in it so I don’t choke), which is basically a warm glass of magnesium. I am covered on all bases! Hope this helps you whether you are a grandmother or not.

Love LIfe and it will love you back!!